When the strands of pasta represent the desire to support the other

I have always been convinced that my mission is to take an extra step every day to improve the part of the world I live in. I have always believed that I have to do my part, even if it is a small one, even if it is “of little importance”. “Look at me over …!” (Sanremo for the social sector) was a bit like this for me. I had the opportunity to make my contribution in support of projects carried out by more fragile people, in an exchange in which it is those who give who receive the most.

When I was offered to participate in this initiative with the products of my land, I had no hesitation. As happens when we listen to the call of the ancestral things that dwell within us.

Azienda Agricola Vestri - partner Guardami OltreBecome a partner of the Guardami Oltre event and be able to donate pasta. Donating food creates a special relationship between people, because food is sustenance, it is the desire to take care of others.


Loredana Parisi consegna la pasta Vestri alla manifestazione Guardami Oltre.jpgLoredana Parisi delivers Vestri pasta at the Guardami Oltre event

Pasta jewelry

The threads of pasta, to imply this desire for union, have magically intertwined in two beautiful jewels. A tribal necklace and a brooch. The first created by the artist Valentina Gaudiosi, the second born from the creativity and passion of Ezia Pentericci and Monica Macelloni, the wonderful souls of the Historical Archive of Fruit and Flower in Florence.

The two jewels were worn during the event by the presenter Patrizia del Vasco and my friend Loredana Parisi, founder of PiantaGrani. It was a great thrill to see the fruits of my land become even more precious in the act of embracing the other. And become a symbol of union.

The stories

Look at me Beyond allowed me to listen to the stories of people who face their problems with dignity and who with their example are a stimulus to act, respecting the most authentic values. As Patrizia del Vasco, the wonderful creator of this event, said, “you cannot live only for yourself, it is only together that you are truly happy”.

First of all together with the fragile people who have told their beautiful stories, of suffering but also of courage and love.

From the adolescents being treated in the Oncological Pediatric Department of the National Cancer Institute of Milan, who have become bearers of hope with their words in music that praise happiness, despite the disease. To the Rione Sanità Foundation of Naples, which works with children at risk, to stem the discomfort of the youngest. Up to the Never Give Up non-profit organization in Rome, which deals with nutrition and dietary disorders.

A Guardami Oltre could not miss an encounter with music and it happened with the teacher Peppe Vessicchio who during his speech used simple words to explain a concept that is not simple. Everything we do in our life affects our well-being, even a foregone gesture like listening to a song we like. In this way, in fact, it is possible to activate “vibrations” that interconnect us with the deepest parts of ourselves and with the surrounding world, in search of a balance that is not easy to find and maintain.

So I was not surprised to hear the results of some studies, according to which growing tomatoes with the background of Mozart’s music gave better results in terms of production, compared to crops without music.

I already imagine my vineyard or my wheat field benefiting from the strength of the vibrations produced by Mozart’s music together with the wind, the sun, the water and the blessing of nature itself.


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