Wheat, flour and wholemeal pasta available on the online shop “without shipping costs” for a limited time

It is possible to continue to maintain a healthy eating style even during the days we are spending at home to contain the spread of Coronavirus. To go shopping, our online shop is also available which offers, without shipping costs until June 30, 2020, many products obtained from natural agriculture, practiced according to the Shumei method.

What do I find on the online shop?

Wholemeal flour: to devote yourself to the homemade preparation of many specialties. Vestri flour is obtained from ancient durum wheat and from Gentil Rosso, Inallettabile and Frassineto soft grains. These wheat varieties are stone ground as they are, without being stripped of the germ and bran.

Ancient durum wheat: to prepare soups and salads. Ancient grains are tastier and healthier varieties than those grown on a large scale. They have not undergone any modification by man, they are not sterile and do not pollute the ground. The Vestri Farm is registered in the register of Guardian Growers of the Germplasm of the Tuscany Region.

Wholemeal pasta: prepared with an ancient variety of wheat that has always been grown on our farm. The pasta is bronze drawn and dried slowly, at a temperature below 38 degrees. In this way all the nutritional properties of the pasta remain intact and you can enjoy a truly genuine product. The formats available are traditional Italian ones: spaghetti, tagliatelle, linguine, penne, paccheri, fusilli but also pici and gigli, typical of Tuscany.

By clicking here you can directly access the online shop to make all purchases.

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