Vestri pasta and flour. Production almost finished with 2018 wheat

The Vestri Farm has almost finished the products reserved for lovers of natural food. All the products of our farm, in fact, are the result of natural agriculture practiced according to the Shumei method. A method that allows you to respect the environment and the territory, obtaining genuine products.

Our company is located in the heart of Tuscany, among the valleys of the province of Arezzo, and represents our desire to recover a more authentic and true way of understanding food and the world in which we live. Our productions do not have the numbers of the industry, they are very limited and have the advantage of guaranteeing very high quality standards. They tell of straightforward flavors, with great benefits for our health.

Today we offer a unique opportunity to stock up on our Tuscan land jewels: pasta, flour and wine from natural agriculture. Our stocks are about to run out, book now to eat healthily!

Wholemeal pasta with ancient durum wheat flour

The whole durum wheat pasta is prepared with an ancient variety of wheat, which has always been grown on our farm. The formats available are traditional Italian ones: spaghetti, tagliatelle, linguine, penne, paccheri, fusilli but also pici and gigli, typical of Tuscany. The different formats are bronze drawn and slowly dried, at a temperature below 38 degrees. In this way all the nutritional properties of the pasta remain intact and you can enjoy a truly genuine product.

Tagliatelle with chestnut flour

Available in limited quantities, like all our quality products, they are tagliatelle made with dried and ground chestnut flour in an artisanal way. The chestnut is a typical fruit of the mountain areas which in the past represented a vital source for the populations in particularly difficult times.

Wine from natural agriculture

Our naturally grown wine is produced from an ancient vine that has been cultivated for several generations in the family business. We have always done it for a personal production but now it is also available for purchase for those who want to taste it. After the September harvest it is now ready to be bottled and tasted. It is possible to book both white wine (Arioso) and red wine (Virtuoso).

Don’t miss this opportunity to eat healthily. Those who have already tasted our products are no longer able to do without them. Our stocks are limited, book them to receive them before they run out!

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