Vestri Farm: now you can find the products online!

The Vestri farm website now offers a new service, with a section entirely dedicated to our products. It will be possible to know the offer of our company, to have all the information on raw materials and production processes. You can request an online quote and receive the desired products directly at home, as we ship all over the world.

The new section, available here, offers a basket of authentic goodness, whose ingredients tell, more than anything else, the value of raw materials and the strong link with the Mother Earth.

The heart and soul of our company are Tuscan. We are proudly registered in the Register of Germplasm Guardian Growers and for the safeguard of the seed and for a healthy cultivation, we sow the fields only with ancient Tuscan wheat germs. The tender grains we have in custody are Frassineto, Gentil Rosso and Inallettabile, all excellent for cakes and bread.

Ancient durum wheat, grown following the principles of Shumei Natural Agriculture, wholemeal flour obtained by stone milling and cold water. These are the simple ingredients at the base of the production of our company, which makes different pasta shapes. With the aim of giving back to today’s palates all the taste of ancient flavors.

As the ingredients are unique and essential, the processes also follow slow rhythms, like those that Nature requires to carry out her plans. First the bronze drawing is carried out and then the drying is carried out. It is a slow and natural process that takes place at a temperature below 38 degrees. In this way the qualities of the pasta are left unaltered, which in the dish translate into more taste and flavor.


We produce pasta shapes dear to the Italian tradition – spaghetti, tagliatelle, linguine, penne, fusilli and paccheri but also those typical of the Tuscan territory. Among these the lilies but above all the “pici” that we offer in the version most faithful to the original recipe. Hand-made and obtained with ancient durum wheat whole wheat flour.

For those who do not want pasta but the raw material, to try their hand directly in the kitchen, we provide both wheat and wholemeal flour. The ancient durum wheat obtained by stone-milling the wheat as it is, without being stripped of the germ and bran.

Visit our new section and taste the goodness of natural agriculture.


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