Vestri chickpea flour and pasta at the Natural and Wellness Festival

The world of plants, healthy food, flower therapy, workshops for children and lots of good food. It is the Festival of Nature and Wellness, which will take place in Correggio, in the province of Reggio Emilia, on 21 and 22 September.

The Vestri farm will be present with its contribution and its products. In addition to wholemeal pasta, obtained with ancient grains, new references will be available. A preview of the new line based on chickpeas – flour and pasta and wine – the white Arioso and the red Virtuoso.

All obtained from natural agriculture, that is, by limiting human interventions to a minimum, respecting seasonality and without using chemicals. An ethical choice that allows us to cultivate the land without exploiting it, to preserve the richness of nature, continuing to cultivate species at risk of extinction and to create a harmonious coexistence between man and the environment.

The Vestri company at the Natural and Wellness Festival

“September represents the beginning of a new course for agriculture and for us too. That’s why we want to celebrate this new beginning by participating in the Natural and Wellness Festival – explains Manuela Vestri, of the homonymous farm. I am waiting for you to introduce you to the new products based on legumes and also to talk about seeds and food choices, useful for our health and for the planet “.

On Saturday 21 September, starting at 4.00 pm, in the Sala del Gusto, the meeting “The food rebels. Dialogues of food resistance, biodiversity and awareness ”during which Manuela Vestri will talk with Andrea Libero Gherpelli, farmer and actor.

The issues of biodiversity and food awareness have always been at the center of the Vestri company’s work. The hills of Tuscany, of the Val di Chiana to be precise, are the setting for this Italian reality that applies the principles of natural agriculture, according to the Shumei method.

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