The Vestri Company at the Alberese Guardian Growers Market Exhibition

Proposals to animate the Tuscan agrobiodiversity, explanation of the farming techniques in the wild, practical demonstration of the traditional work of the butteri. The latter were once typical figures of the Tuscan Maremma and took care of the herds of cows and horses raised in the wild.

These are some of the most important moments of the Guardian Farmer’s Market Show. The initiative is promoted by Terre regional toscane, the regional body that is responsible for protecting and enhancing the agrobiodiversity of Tuscany. Appointment from 14 to 16 September at the Tenuta di Alberese, in the province of Grosseto.

The Vestri Agricultural Company, given its commitment to the protection of varieties at risk of extinction in Tuscany, could not fail to take part in this initiative. This is an event that wants to make known the work of those who are committed to safeguarding the agri-food heritage. Specifically, the Vestri Company takes care of the conservation of the ancient Tuscan wheat seed Gentil Rosso, Inallettabile and Frassineto (below the photos from the fields).

Grano Gentil Rosso Vestri
Grano Frassineto Vestri
Grano Inallettabile Vestri

The program

Here is the detailed program of the three days:

  • On Friday 14 September, starting from 3.00 pm, at the Granaio Lorenese, a workshop will be held on the theme “Actions to animate Tuscan agrobiodiversity: Hub, business network and more”. Following the inauguration of the Market Exhibition and the opening to the public.
  • On Saturday 15 September, at 10.00, a practical demonstration of the traditional work of the cowboys with herd of cattle and taming of the foal. In the afternoon, from 3.30 pm, the Tenuta di Alberese will be at the center of the debate at the Granaio Lorenese, to tell its long history and its new functions.
  • Sunday 16 September, visit to the saddlery of the Tenuta di Alberese and explanation of the breeding techniques in the wild, with practical demonstration of the creation of some everyday objects of the butteri

For more information click here and consult the poster of the event.


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