The notes of Emiliano Toso, the tastings of the Vestri Company and the seeds for Zambia

The Tuscan countryside, Emiliano Toso’s piano that speaks directly to your cells, connecting you with your soul and with the universe, the welcome of the Vestri Farm. And a good cause to support. A unique and unmissable event. Places are limited. To book and get information write to or contact the Facebook page Manuela Vestri Keeper of seeds and knowledge.

Emiliano Toso

Emiliano Toso, cell biologist and musician composer at 432Hz. He is the author of Translational Music®, a work of research and experimentation that arises from the desire to bring together Art, Science and Spirituality. Translational Music® is a musical project recorded at a 432 Hertz tuning, the same as our cells, the world around us and the entire universe.

Manuela Vestri

Manuela Vestri – keeper of seeds and knowledge, encloses in her person the unconditional love for Nature – practicing natural agriculture in the family business – and for everything that is respect and knowledge. In fact, she is the founder of the publishing house La Meta which deals with the reproduction of ancient manuscripts and instructor of Meditation.

The seeds for Zambia

Another reason to be present at this exclusive event is the opportunity to participate in a good cause for Zambia, a country in central and southern Africa. The Vestri Farm, in fact, supports the Mbabala Cooperative of peasant women, founded by Barbara Hachipuka-Banda (in the photo on the left). Through the donation of seeds, a hand is given to enrich local crops, which are mainly based on corn. In addition, training on the importance of recovering native seeds and the dissemination of the method of natural agriculture are promoted. Part of the proceeds from the event will be donated for these purposes.

How to book

Being present at this event will open your mind and every cell of your body, connecting you with your inner part, the one most deeply aware of your ancestral link with the entire universe. Emiliano Toso’s notes, merging music and biology, in fact speak the same language of your body and nature.

We live immersed in a reality that does not allow for breaks, which asks to be active, informed, technological and connected every day, giving the false perception that it is always others who determine our choices and decide for us. This circuit can be broken!

Take part in the event, give yourself this moment to:

  • learn to listen to you
  • find inner peace
  • live in harmony with the universe


8 settembre 20186, pm-9pm.

Where is it?

At the Casale of the Vestri Farm, in Val di Chiana, in Tuscany.

Book now! Limited number event!

For information write to or contact the Facebook page Manuela Vestri Keeper of seeds and knowledge.

Limited seats for an unlimited experience!


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