The gift of the guardian grower

My grandmother was an energetic and vital woman. I remember her more as a person of deeds than of words. She loved her land in a visceral way and through her tenacity she managed to pass on her love for the family farm first to my parents and then to me. Every time I look at the valleys and fields my thoughts fly to her, to what she would have done or said in some circumstances and I ask myself: “Would you be happy with how I take care of” his of hers “land of hers?”

Since I started taking care of the family farm I have been guided by this question and I act in such a way as to respect the values ​​that my grandmother passed on to me.

The family property on which the farm was born is located in Tuscany, in the province of Arezzo. Here I dedicate myself to the production of oil, wine and above all wheat. I do it in full respect of nature, applying the principles of natural agriculture because I believe it is possible to live in balance with creation, without dominating or hurting it, simply by taking care of it every day. Because where there is care there is love and it is from love that the best fruits are born.

What are the duties of the guardian cultivator?

I am aware of the role played by small farmers like me, who do not deforest, do not uproot and do not use aggressive farming techniques.

And over time I discovered that this way of living in harmony with nature, preserving living species that risk disappearing, meant being a guardian cultivator.

I inquired at my Region and I discovered that there are lists in which I could have registered to continue this path and so I did.

For several years now I have been a custodian of wheat, in particular of the varieties Inallettabile, Gentil Rosso and Frassineto which are varieties of soft wheat particularly suitable for making cakes and bread.

It means that I take care of the conservation of these species that are at risk of extinction and I protect the seeds from contamination and external alterations. I do this by continuing to cultivate these grains, because this is not only the best way to protect them but also to enrich biodiversity, which is increasingly aligned with the absurd logic of the market. Every year technicians and experts carry out checks to verify the way I do my work and in addition I am required to donate a small part of seeds for safekeeping at the germplasm bank.

The variety of durum wheat that has always been grown in our fields is transformed into flour by stone milling. The flour is processed in an artisanal way to make mainly pasta, in the formats most dear to the Italian tradition. I receive a lot of appreciation after the first taste and today the requests for orders also arrive online and from all over the world.

Who knows what my grandmother would say …

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