The “faith” of the little seed and emotional thinking

In my present life, comparisons with the seed metaphor occur frequently.

It happened last Sunday, during the celebration of Holy Mass, listening to the words of the Gospel: “… if the grain of wheat that fell to the ground does not die, it remains alone; if instead it dies, it produces a lot of fruit… ”. The songs of the nuns reinforced the concept by speaking of the products of the earth, bread and wine.

These themes also recur in the readings I do. In Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and enrich yourself”, he talks about faith and he argues that a thought combined with emotions and feelings constitutes a magnetic force that attracts other similar or similar thoughts, just like a small seed that, planted in a fertile soil, germinates, grows and multiplies, producing millions of seeds of the same genus.

When I say that Nature knows for itself what it has to do, this is what I mean: the seed believes in it, has faith, trusts the earth and therefore from year to year they love each other, respect each other and both cultivate the same project to grow and multiply. and they have no hesitation, they know where they want to go.

Quoting Napoleon Hill: “Faith is the foundation of every miracle and of all mysteries that cannot be analyzed with scientific rules! It is the only antidote to failure “.

The image that introduces my words is the painting “The Sower” by Vincent Van Gogh.


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