The benefits of eating wholemeal

We have repeatedly described the characteristics of natural agriculture that we practice in the Vestri farm. Aware of the benefits for the environment and for our body, which returns to a way of eating healthier and closer to its nature.

What does it mean to eat the fruits of natural agriculture?

In our company we produce wheat, wine and oil, always with the same attention and the same respect, remembering that the Earth is our home. The ancient grains that sprout in our Tuscan fields are grown not only to produce flour, pasta and bread. We have also chosen to do so to safeguard the seeds and avoid their extinction. For this reason, the Vestri Agricultural Company is registered in the Register of Guardian Farmers.

Each step of the production process represents a small piece that contributes to the goodness of the final product. From the field to the plate, respect for the quality raw material is always the same.

Eating products obtained from natural agriculture, such as flour and our wholemeal pasta, means eating foods that come from fields that have not been treated with chemicals during the cultivation phases. That the “fruits” were harvested when they reached the right point of ripeness. Which have been prepared without the addition of preservatives or additives to make them tastier or to give more captivating colors. It means that they are stone milled and the flour made from them does not lose any of its nutrients. Only in this way can our flour have a unique flavor and aroma that are also transmitted to pasta and any other preparation. As an exclusive ingredient that characterizes our product in an unmistakable way.

Once ready, the pasta is dried and this process also takes place in an artisanal way, slowly and at low temperatures.

Making a comparison with the flours on the market, the most interesting aspect is that our products are not refined, as happens in industrial production. This element is of fundamental importance because without refining, the whole grain of wheat – which contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and proteins – does not lose any of its valuable nutrients.

What are the benefits of whole nutrition?

Observational studies in the United States and the EPIC survey conducted in Europe have made it possible to highlight that eating wholemeal has benefits on heart health, helping to prevent diabetes and cancer. The increased intake of fiber also helps the health of our intestine by facilitating intestinal transit, increasing the sense of satiety and stimulating the metabolism. Element that can help you to control weight more easily and prevent obesity. With significant advantages also for the intestinal microbiota.

The book “La Grande Via” by Franco Berrino and Luigi Fontana also focuses on the benefits of eating products based on ancient grains:
“Some scientific works suggest that the replacement of modern grain-based products with ancient ones could exert beneficial actions on cholesterolemia, inflammatory state, oxidative damage to cell membranes and intestinal function. These effects largely depend on the richness of polyphenols in these varieties of cereal seeds… ”.


Nutrition Foundation of Italy

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