Shumei: natural agriculture that comes from the East

Natural agriculture is the technique adopted by the Vestri farm since its foundation. We know that land cultivated with respect always bears the best fruit. All the crops of the family business, the centenary vineyard and the ancient wheat, both hard and soft, follow the dictates of this oriental philosophy.

Shumei’s Natural Agriculture was born in Japan at the beginning of the twentieth century, thanks to the work of Mokichi Okada.

The principles of Shumei Natural Agriculture

At the basis of this form of agriculture is the principle according to which Nature knows for itself what is best to do to bear fruit. Human interventions must go in the direction of safeguarding and preserving what creation makes available to us. In search of a stable balance with the surrounding environment. It is an agriculture made up of subtraction: without fertilizers or herbicides.

After all, every seed has a natural endowment of everything it needs. The land from which to take the sap, the water of the rain, the sunlight, the wind to carry away its fruits and allow the cycle of life to continue to perpetuate itself.

Man must not place himself in a position of domination and control vis-à-vis Nature, enslaving it to his needs and exploiting it, as often happens in today’s world.

Conceiving such agriculture means promoting the well-being of people. In fact, by not using chemicals, healthier foods are obtained and there is also a positive impact on the environment.

We could define it as an agriculture of respect that does not require human intervention, which does not produce by impoverishing the soil, which does not add anything extraneous to the cycle of life.

This is why Shumei’s Natural Agriculture is part of a broader framework of seeking universal balance and harmony that also includes the promotion of the culture of beauty as a tool to stimulate feelings of peace and love.


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