Production from natural agriculture: different flavors every time. Always good

I want to tell a small anecdote that explains, once again, the beauty of Nature and the natural agriculture that I practice on my farm.

A few days ago I prepared a batch of flour from which to make my wholemeal pasta. After the sale, a customer called me and told me that he had noticed a different taste of the pasta than usual. A more intense taste and a more pronounced aroma, which was felt strong even before cooking. And so I tried to give an explanation to this report, to understand and to make sure that everything was okay.

After carefully checking, I came to the conclusion that a grass present in the wheat has aromatized it, giving a different scent to a batch of wheat, a scent that has sharpened with the processing stages. And that has also been transferred to pasta. So I reassured my client and a reflection arose from this story.

Different flavors. Whenever

The food industry has accustomed us to homologated, precise and well-defined flavors. Always the same. It has accustomed us to eating the same foods every season of the year. And we are so addicted to the flavors and smells of what we buy that new things confuse us, frighten us, make us doubt that there is something wrong.

Following the method of natural agriculture, which does not involve the use of chemicals and relies on the rotation of crops while respecting the land, I learned to understand the value of change as a fundamental element of daily life.

Every year my pasta has different characteristics, linked to the climate, the land, the conditions in which the wheat grows. And also to the “friendly herbs” with which he divides the resources in the field. The same thing also applies to wine: my centenary vines give each year a wine with a different flavor which is precisely the distinctive feature of my way of producing.

Nothing more beautiful: the flavors are always good and yet different every time. Each time nature gives different aromas to pasta and wine. Each time, together with pasta and wine, it is a piece of my Tuscany, with all its aromas, that arrives on the plate and in the glass of those who buy them.

Here, I believe that there is no better example to explain the meaning and value of my artisanal production.

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