Love seeds: Emiliano Toso in concert in Pisa on March 29th

“In nature, flowers and fruits explain to us how a sound is kept in every little seed. Precise information and a strength capable of expressing a certain shape, color, flavor and a precise scent written in the profound codes from which everything originates “.

The words of Emiliano Toso, musician and molecular biologist, resonate through his music that we will be able to listen to on March 29, 2019 in Pisa, at the Officine Garibaldi. The concert will be held at 8.30 pm and is part of the Biella artist’s 2018/2019 tour for the presentation of “Love seeds”, the album that reproduces harmonies that can resonate with the heartbeat.

Love seeds - Emiliano Toso

Love seeds will combine the sound of piano, violin and cello, all tuned to 432 hertz, the same tuning to which nature, the cells of our body and the entire universe resonate.

“From the first time I listened to Emiliano Toso’s notes, I understood that his music was special, because he manages to touch deep chords, stimulating feelings of love, gratitude and well-being in the listener – says Manuela Vestri. It is with great pleasure that the Vestri farm wanted to contribute to this evening that defining music is an understatement, given the value of the experience that is offered. After listening to Emiliano Toso’s music, you feel at peace with yourself and with the world, stress is reduced and you listen, and this can only do you good “.

On March 29, in addition to enjoying good music, you can also admire an exhibition of watercolors created by the mother of Emiliano Toso, Wilma Camatti. The works translate the musician’s notes and emotions into colors.

How to participate in Love seeds?

To take part in the concert on March 29th at the Officine Garibaldi, you must book using the following contacts:

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