Food Revolution Summit: for a healthy and conscious diet

The summit “Food Revolution – for a healthy and conscious diet” brings together doctors, scientists, best-selling authors, university professors. All united to talk about food-related issues and to inform about the dangers of junk food that causes many physical and psychological problems, not only related to the person but also to the environment.

Even if we know that a food is unhealthy, it is very difficult for us to stop eating it, because modern food is so rich in salt and sugar that it is difficult to do without it, it creates a real addiction.

Here are some of the interventions:

  • Vandana Shiva, author of the book “Soil not Oil” talks about the state of the world today, in particular industrial agriculture, and how we can rethink the food system to make the world sustainable.
  • Anna Lappè, author of best sellers that help us dismantle the myths of food in our time. Our health and longevity is in our hands and we have the power to change them.
  • Dr. Kahn, speaks with an experience of over 15,000 operated hearts, and tells us that a meal can release a flood of toxic chemicals into the bloodstream.
  • Max Calderan, great desert explorer and expert in advanced genomics. For years he has been studying and analyzing the disasters of an intestinal malfunction, due to genetic situations but also very linked to our lifestyle.

Hearing some of these characters really opens our minds and makes us reflect on how far we have to go to get out of today’s market.

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