Emiliano Toso and his music of emotions in the Vestri Company

The gratitude and well-being for having lived such an intense experience. These are the emotions that emerged in the days following the event “Emiliano Toso’s notes under the centuries-old oak of the Vestri” held on 8 September last. The appointment was at the Vestri company in Marciano della Chiana, in the province of Arezzo.

The concert

The day was long awaited, after the many requests to participate and we were already grateful for this result. The desire to welcome everyone in the best possible way made us operational several days before, to prepare every detail.

And as the setting sun began its dance among the branches of the company’s centuries-old oak, Emiliano Toso’s piano created emotions in music, speaking directly to our cells and our bodies.

Between the rustle of the leaves and the light breeze that ruffled our hair, Emiliano Toso’s music created a general condition of well-being. Someone preferred to lie down on the ground to better listen to the vibrations of nature and their body vibrate in harmony with it. Someone meditated, everyone was filled with positive emotions. It was not the first time that I listened to the music of Emiliano Toso, an extraordinary person with great humanity. I am happy to have given the opportunity to meet him to many people who then thanked me for being there.

The tasting

After the wonderful vibrations of Emiliano Toso’s piano, we met at the table to taste our products obtained from natural agriculture. Pasta, bread, bruschetta, all made with flour obtained from ancient Tuscan grains, varieties at risk of extinction, of which I am the custodian grower. It means that if someone continues to grow endangered species – such as grains in custody at my farm – these seeds will not be lost and will be a guarantee of biodiversity and respect for Nature. The baked goods were prepared by the Sartoni bakery in Florence, a beautiful entrepreneurial reality that uses our flour for the preparation of its bread.

With the lights of the lanterns illuminating the grass under the oak, the evening continued in an atmosphere of conviviality.


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