From the beating dinner
to today's company


In the lands of Tuscany, the Vestri Agricultural Company was born, which for 3 generations has brought natural and quality products to the tables of Italians and the world. The company selects and grinds ancient and precious grains that combined with the unique characteristics of the earth, give an exquisite pasta. All products are selected and cared for as nature commands. We have chosen to pursue a concept of NATURAL agriculture and we adopt a Japanese method of natural agriculture, the "SHUMEI".

Natural agriculture is based on the desire not to change the rhythm of nature, because it is already perfect in itself and only by following it can it return natural and genuine products to man.
With this principle, as much as possible of what it has produced is returned to the soil.
Natural agriculture is based on four fundamental principles.

Complying with the conditions of the ground without overturning it

For centuries, farmers have believed that the plow was indispensable. Yet, the earth works itself, thanks to the penetration action of the roots and the activity of microorganisms and the microfauna of the soil, offering mankind products of superior quality. You should only dig and plow when the earth is very hard.

No chemical fertilizers or compost

Dull agricultural practices deplete the soil of its essential nutrients causing a progressive depletion of natural fertility. Left to itself, the soil naturally retains its fertility.

Neither herbicides, nor harrows

Spontaneous plants play a specific role in soil fertility and ecosystem balance. As a basic rule they should be checked, but not eliminated entirely.

No use of chemicals

Harmful insects and pathogens are always present, but they never take over to the point where the use of chemicals is necessary. The most sensible attitude for disease and insect control is to have vigorous crops in a healthy environment. Without even using biological substances.