Ancient grains and natural agriculture at the Terra Nuova Festival

On May 26th I will be a guest of the Terra Nuova Festival, an event now in its fifth edition, which will take place in Camaiore, in the province of Lucca, on May 26th and 27th. My intervention is scheduled for 18.30. We will talk about ancient grains and natural agriculture, themes that are very close to my heart and on which I will bring my experience as a custodian grower. In fact, I am enrolled in the register of the germplasm bank of the Tuscany region (the soft grains in my custody are Gentilrosso, Frassineto and Inallettabile).

I will tell about my wheat fields, sown only with ancient Tuscan wheat germs, following the principles of Shumei Natural Agriculture. Wholemeal flour obtained from stone milling and the products of the family farm – wheat, flour and pasta. The latter is obtained in an artisanal way, bronze drawn and slowly dried, at temperatures that do not exceed 38 ° C.

The Terra Nuova Festival, organized by Terra Nuova Edizioni and Ecoversilia, is an important event for those who want to explore issues that are becoming increasingly important for health and well-being: ancient grains, biodiversity, mother yeast, fermentation, natural agriculture.

The two days of the festival will alternate workshops for adults and children, shows, conferences, as well as the possibility of tastings of gastronomic delicacies.

These are some of the appointments of the two days: on May 26th we will talk about organic farming and the rediscovery of biodiversity with the custodian farmers and the products of the territory: trentolino corn, frascone cabbage and crushed beans. We will also talk about wild fermentation to get to know probiotic fermented products: Kefir and Kombucha. The second day will discuss deep ecology, educational methods, meditation, beekeeping and viticulture.

Terra Nuova - Festival 2018 - La natura nel cuore


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