#Agricolti: fatica e conoscenza per un’agricoltura secondo natura

Regenerating and stimulating. This was for me to meet the great community of Terra Nuova Festival which met in Camaiore (Lucca) on the weekend of 26 and 27 May. I came into contact with special people, who share with me the passion for returning to a life that follows and respects the rhythms of nature.

We talked about organic farming and the rediscovery of biodiversity. My speech, in particular, was included in the debate “The #Agricolti, from ancient grains to new agriculture”. And so I discovered that someone gave a name to what I have been doing for a long time: #agricolto.

But who is a #agricolto and how did this term come about?

The term, which then became an ashtag widespread on social networks, was coined by the farmer-actor Andrea Libero Gherpelli, a well-known face for fans of TV fiction. We saw it, in fact, in Don Matteo, Squadra Antimafia, Nero Wolfe.

The definition of #agricolti – “The #agricolti are not afraid of fatigue, that the earth is low and the sun is hot, much less of the study. They research and practice. Agricolti elaborate and generate. They tell about another way of farming… ”- it’s like a second skin for me, where I can only feel at ease.

It expresses my commitment of many years to return to a more natural way of farming, with respect and love. Without, however, any improvisation because only with study and competence can you really build something. And agriculture is no different, indeed it requires more determination because it is made up of hard work and teaches us to take what is good in everything. Despite the bad weather that comes when the harvest is ready, the incessant rain and the late spring. Like Nature, which follows its life cycle tirelessly.

At the Terra Nuova Festival I had the opportunity to explain the modus operandi of the Vestri farm. Every year we do soil analyzes to verify that the soil on which we grow wheat does not “suffer”. And the results show that the soil does not suffer, that the organoleptic characteristics of the grain are perfect. We grow ancient Tuscan grains from which we obtain stone-ground flour and with that we make pasta.

Following a path that goes from the field to the plate, without adding anything or changing the rhythms of nature.

The debate, moderated by Gabriele Bindi, was also attended by the actor-farmer Andrea Libero Gherpelli, the agronomist Alessando Marino Merlo, Matteo Martorana from the Al Campo Agricultural Company and Monia Caramma from Organic AgriCulture.

Some shots from the Terra Nuova Festival

Here I am with (from left): Andrea Libero Gherpelli (actor-farmer), Alessando Marino Merlo (agronomist), Matteo Martorana (Azienda Agricola Al Campo), Monia Caramma (Organic AgriCulture), Gabriele Bindi (writer and moderator of the debate).

Manuela Vestri - assaggio pizzaHere they are at the tasting table: pizza and bread are the work of the Forno Sartoni in Florence, made with the ancient Gentil Rosso wheat flour from the Vestri farm. Pasta, on the other hand, was on sale at the stand of Shumei Italian Association.


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