Natural Farming

An approach reproducing natural conditions faithfully.


Natural farming is based on the will not to modify the rhythm of nature, because nature is inherently perfect and will give us genuine natural products only if we keep in harmony with it.
According to this approach, as much as possible of what the land produces is input back to it.
Natural farming is founded on four main principles.


Observe the land conditions and use no till.
Through the centuries, growers have considered the plough as an indispensable tool. Still, the land tills itself, with the penetration of plant roots and the action of soil micro-organisms and micro-fauna giving us superior products. The land should be excavated and ploughed only when it has become too hard, otherwise it must be tilled only superficially.

No chemical fertiliser or compost.
Dumb farming practices deplete the land of its essential nutritive substances causing a progressive loss of its natural fertility. If left to itself, the land will remain fertile naturally.

No herbicide or harrow.
Spontaneous weeds play a specific role in assuring the land’s fertility and the eco-system equilibrium. As a basic rule, weeds should be controlled but not totally removed.

No chemical product.
Pests and pathogens are always present, but they never prevail up to the point of requiring the use of chemical products. The wisest approach to control diseases and insects is to grow strong crops in a healthy environment. Without even using organic substances.


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