The “faith” of the small seed and emotional thinking

In my current life recurring frequently with the seed Sunday at mass in the Gospel we spoke of the wheat seed the songs of the nuns tied to the products of the earth, bread and wine and so in the various readings I do.

This morning in the book of Napoleon Hill he speaks of faith and he says that a thought combined with emotions and feelings is a magnetic force that attracts other similar or similar thoughts comparable to a small seed that, planted in fertile soil, germinates, grows and multiplies to produce millions of seeds of the same kind.

When I say that nature knows by itself what it must do is this the true meaning because the seed believes it has faith trusts the earth because one year after the other they love each other and both cultivate that project to grow and multiply and do not have hesitances know where they want to arrive:
Faith is the foundation of every miracle and of all mysteries not analyzed with scientific rules! It is the only antidote against failure” Napoleon Hill.

The image introducing my words is Vincent Van Gogh’s painting “The Sower”.

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